Review | Defy the Stars: Lust ≠ Love



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“I’d always wanted to leave small town Illinois, I just didn’t know I’d leave it for the stars. I needed to get into Columbia College. I’d do anything to get in. With no other choice, I had my dad help me get an internship at Circe Operations Center. Only it’s not an ordinary operations center. Getting attacked on my first day on the job wasn’t exactly stellar, but staring into the eyes of the dark eyed boy who saved me, made me re-think every single thought I’d ever had. But when things like war come up, I don’t know how far I’m willing to defy everything I’ve ever known for a future that is anything but normal.”

My Review:

Do you know why I finished this book? I can tell you, it’s alright. I finished this book for the sole purpose of being able to review it.

If you’re looking for:

  • Action/Adventure
  • Great Romance
  • Realistic Characters
  • Intelligent Adults
  • Interesting Sci-Fi

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