Review| A Bird! No, a Plane! It’s a Dragon!


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A desperate Knight. An imprisoned dragon. What will crossing fates of the two bring about?

I have slain countless monsters as a Shirai Knight. I have gained great wealth and high status over many years. But so what? If I can’t even protect the one thing I truly care about, then it’s all meaningless.
However, I will not give up. That is not an option. Not when I have one last hope of making things right.
Dragon, I don’t know if you’re ready for me, but I’m coming for you.

“Dragon’s Avatar” is the first book of the “Crossing Fates” series, an action-fantasy story set in a medieval world of magic and monsters created by the author Marc Ingram.
The POV style of writing is inspired by Japanese Light Novels and Visual Novels, so it may seem unique, but western audiences should be able to enjoy themselves as well. This book is for anyone who likes well depicted characters and vivid fighting scenes with tension hanging in the air. ”

My Review:

I’m almost not even sure what I’m supposed to be reviewing, but, as always, I’ll give it my best shot.

I don’t know what or where the plot was? The book just seemed to continue on and on without a real “end result”. There was an end result, but you don’t know what the end result is until you almost finish the book. If I’m not making any sense, it’s kind of like this: In dystopian books, the end result is often a successful uprising and the government is taken down. In sci-fi war books, there’s a war and the good guys win. Even in TV shows and comic books, the Joker is wreaking havoc and we already know that Batman is going to take him down and win. We already know the end result of the plot, it’s getting to the end result that makes the plot so interesting.

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Review | Defy the Stars: Lust ≠ Love



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“I’d always wanted to leave small town Illinois, I just didn’t know I’d leave it for the stars. I needed to get into Columbia College. I’d do anything to get in. With no other choice, I had my dad help me get an internship at Circe Operations Center. Only it’s not an ordinary operations center. Getting attacked on my first day on the job wasn’t exactly stellar, but staring into the eyes of the dark eyed boy who saved me, made me re-think every single thought I’d ever had. But when things like war come up, I don’t know how far I’m willing to defy everything I’ve ever known for a future that is anything but normal.”

My Review:

Do you know why I finished this book? I can tell you, it’s alright. I finished this book for the sole purpose of being able to review it.

If you’re looking for:

  • Action/Adventure
  • Great Romance
  • Realistic Characters
  • Intelligent Adults
  • Interesting Sci-Fi

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Review | When Robots and Humans Collide



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Fifteen-year-old Akaela doesn’t know what fear is. She was built this way. But in a world where survival is no longer of the fittest, being fearless can become a deadly curse.

Proud and steeped in tradition, Akaela’s people, the Mayake, are dying. While they carry implanted nanobots and sophisticated chips to compensate for their crippled and diseased bodies, these enhancements come at a price. Aging technology and a lack of resources make the Mayakes vulnerable to their enemies and on the brink of extinction. As the elders cling blindly to the past, the only hope Akaela and her 16-year-old brother Athel have to save their own people is to challenge the system or die trying.”

My Review:

You know, this wasn’t so bad. Although, it doesn’t really end.

The synopsis drew me in after a friend suggested the book to me and I liked the cover too. It’s fascinating to think of people who are also partly cyborgs, with upgrades and nanobots for an immune system and so on.

I won’t say I’m disappointed by the book, because that isn’t true. Even so, I’m not quite thrilled.

The characters will realistic based on the world that the book is set in. I think there were at least two plot pushing characters but they didn’t really annoy me. I can’t say I really cared about the characters though. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t form a solid reader-character relationship.

The plot was pretty good, but the ending frustrated me. It wasn’t then normal young adult ending that you would expect, but instead a “the ending is the beginning” kind of thing. There were some plot twists that I definitely wasn’t expecting, so those were great surprises. Giorgi writing is good and I don’t have any complaints.

Would I Recommend Akaela? I don’t NOT recommend it. I don’t have any real issues with it, I think this just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Official Rating: 3/5

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

*This book is currently unavailable in stores.

Review | In Which You Get a Two For One


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“In a world not divided by race, but by blood type, Blue Anders finds herself on the wrong end of fortune’s mercy. Born with a lesser blood type, Blue is raised in The Way, a work camp for A-bloods.
The Vemreaux (B-bloods) are the ruling class. Theirs is the only type that responds to the Fountain of Youth, granting them an additional one hundred twenty years, heightened senses and nearly unbreakable bones in exchange for an iron deficiency that makes them crave O-type human blood.
The Vemreaux are at the top of the food chain until a mysterious predator begins stealthily claiming them and sending back their filleted bodies. Thus begins the search for the Light – a woman foretold to be able to free the Vemreaux from this tyranny. Blue sets off with her brother to fight for those that oppressed her, charging ferociously into the battle that could claim her life.”

My Review:




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Review: Nika: A Seychatka Novella by D.H. Gibbs


Kindle Price: $2.99

Official Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Synopsis

“Taken off the streets Nika is thrown into an unknown world where she’s held captive. As an orphan, she has been on the run and must find her way out before they discover her secret. But these people held the knowledge of her family and who she is. Will she be able to find out before her secret is revealed?

After hundreds of years, Demyan has finally found the rightful ruler of his race. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know who she is and is doing everything in her power to escape him. Time is running out and Demyan has to convince Nika to take her rightful place otherwise the battle will be lost and his race extinguished.”

My Review:

Hm. This book had many things I didn’t like, many things I didn’t mind, and a few things I liked. Will this review follow that order? Eh. Debateable.

I know that this is a novella, but in my opinion it needed more. It felt like Gibbs tried really hard for this novella to end on a cliffhanger, that so much of what I needed to read in order to want to continue was missing. Once I reached the cliffhanger, there was no silent screaming (which I often do when I want more), instead it was: Oh? That’s it? Alright, fine then.

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The Dream Protocol by Adara Flynn Quick




Kindle Price: $2.99

Goodreads Synopsis:


In fiery young Deirdre Callaghan’s home of Skellig City, no one has dreamt their own dream in over a thousand years. Dreams are produced by the Dream Makers and sold by the Ministry, the tyrannical rulers of the city. In Skellig City, years of life are awarded equally and the ruined are cast away beneath the city on their 35th birthday.

Unbeknownst to the Ministry, Deirdre’s handsome friend Flynn Brennan is afflicted with a terrible disease – a disease that accelerates the aging process. Knowing his fate if the Ministry should ever discover his illness, Flynn has lived his whole life hiding from their watchful eyes. When Flynn’s secret is finally discovered, Deirdre is determined to free him from the Ministry’s grasp. But to save him, she will have to reveal herself to a shadowy enemy…one that none of them even knew existed.”

My Review:

Truthfully, I am not impressed. Also truthfully, I am not disappointed. It’s like waiting for a pie to finish baking and it smells really amazing and you take it out of the oven and you cut a slice and the crust is crisp. Then you bite into it, and you think Hm. Smells better than it tastes, but it’s still pretty good.

The concept is truly spectacular, let me be clear. A society where being old is the equivalent of being ruined and therefore, at thirty-five, you are cast away into Tìr na nÓg, what I can only assume is Heaven. Quick had a great synopsis, which is why I read the book in the first place, and I don’t have any “harsh” complaints. The reason for my rating is because I wasn’t as engrossed as I [wish I] could have been.

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Cover Reveal: Dagmarth: Escape from Palmar by Joseph J. Miccolis


Many consider Dagmarth to be the center of all galaxies. It is the world where the greatest minds come together to pave the future with unprecedented technologies. Dagmarth is led by King Asmoph and Queen Jessa who assumed its throne in recent years. But prosperity and freedom can never live in peace, at least not for long. Asmoph and Jessa will soon be forced into refuge after a savage enemy leads a surprise attack on Dagmarth in the quiet of night with unsurmountable defeat. They will find safety on Palmar, far away in a galaxy that resembles their own. But everything about their life will change on Palmar. Their only source of hope to regain their world and familiar future will depend on a new prophecy. A prophecy that a young boy named Kodus will acquire a diamond cursed with ancient powers that can help restore the peace among the galaxies, or use it for the quest of rule. Dagmarth will soon discover that the hard part is not finding Kodus, but convincing him to fight for peace.


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About the Author

A Florida-based author. Dagmarth: Escape from Palmar is his debut novel and the first novel of the Dagmarth series. While he enjoys writing a fresh approach to fantasy and magic, his storytelling is not limited to one genre. Joseph is also passionate about fitness and law. He enjoys body building and power building. He is educated in English Writing and Legal Studies with professional experience as a Paralegal. In his spare time, he can be found somewhere under the Florida sun enjoying the fresh air and finding inspiration for a new story.

Author Links:

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Cover Reveal: Dawn of the Vie by Laura Diamond

Dawn of the Vie by Laura Diamond (Immortal Aliens, #1) 
Published by: Curiosity Quills Press
Publication date: October 3rd 2016
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Dawn of the Vie cover.jpg

Since their Arrival less than 30 years ago, immortal Vie rule the planet like the super-predators they are. Enslaved humans are their servants…their entertainment…and their food. Anemies—humans with various types of anemia—are simply exterminated. Their nutritionally deficient blood is useless to the Vie.

Or so it’s thought…


Alex, an Elite Vie, is a bit of a Renaissance Alien. Part scientist, part Raid Specialist, part drug addict, he knows Anemie blood is valuable. Rather than blindly carrying out his boss’s kill order, he convinces some colleagues to spare a few Anemies, not only for study, but also to reserve a secret stock.

The more Anemie blood Alex drinks, the more he slips into delusion, and the more his double life threatens to crumble. But quitting Anemie blood is not an option. Every Anemie has their own personal flavor. Each gives a unique high.

When Alex takes a hit of Justin’s blood, his hallucinations bleed into reality…


Anemie Justin knows his little sister, Sammie, and he are living past their expiration dates. It becomes a guarantee when they’re bitten by a Vie named Alex during a raid. (The bite is fatal, thanks to a toxin carried in Vie saliva.) Alex adds insult to injury by promising Justin a second chance—an antidote in exchange for agreeing to be a lab rat.

And a mule…of his own blood.

When Justin says no, Alex takes off with Sammie.

All Justin has to do is find them, beat Alex, and cure himself and Sammie. All he has is a stake and serious lack of self-preservation.

No problem.


Alex wants Justin’s blood.

Justin wants his sister back.


About the Author

Laura.jpgLaura Diamond is a board certified psychiatrist currently specializing in emergency psychiatry. She is also an author of all things young adult—both contemporary and paranormal. An avid fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and anything magical, she thrives on quirk, her lucid dreams, and coffee. When she’s not working or writing, she can be found sniffing books and drinking a latte at the bookstore or at home pondering renovations on her 225 year old fixer upper, all while obeying her feline overlords, of course.

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The Fountain by Suzy Vadori


Kindle Price: $4.99

Official Rating: 0.5/5

Goodreads Synopsis:

“Careful what you wish for. It just might come true.
Ava Marshall, driven by a desire to learn more about her mother’s past, moved across the country to attend St. Augustus. But her mom’s secrets will have to wait, because she finds herself instantly hated for her family’s connection to her new school and is forced to fight alone against a classmate who is setting Ava up to be expelled.

Fleeing campus, she takes a shortcut to her Gran’s house through the forbidden West Woods and discovers a mysterious fountain that has the power to grant a wish and change it all. But can she live with the consequences? Or will she end up breaking every school rule and risking the love of her life to make it right…”

My Review:

What. Did. I. Just. Read. 

Can anyone tell me? Anyone? What did I just read? Because I have no clue. I just read a terrifying mess and Oh. My. Gosh, run for your lives.

Surprisingly, I don’t hate the characters. There’s definitely no love for them either, but there’s no hatred. Even still, I can’t stand them.

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Blog Tour: The Dream Protocol: Descent by Adara Flynn Quick + A Giveaway!




In fiery young Deirdre Callaghan’s home of Skellig City, no one has dreamt their own dream in over a thousand years. Dreams are produced by the Dream Makers and sold by the Ministry, the tyrannical rulers of the city. In Skellig City, years of life are awarded equally and the ruined are cast away beneath the city on their 35th birthday.

Unbeknownst to the Ministry, Deirdre’s handsome friend Flynn Brennan is afflicted with a terrible disease – a disease that accelerates the aging process. Knowing his fate if the Ministry should ever discover his illness, Flynn has lived his whole life hiding from their watchful eyes. When Flynn’s secret is finally discovered, Deirdre is determined to free him from the Ministry’s grasp. But to save him, she will have to reveal herself to a shadowy enemy…one that none of them even knew existed.”


Roenin said, “A power inside every living thing sleeps and waits for anyone who will call to it. That power may have diminished, but here in the dream world, it can be felt again and used for good. This is the only power that may shine light through the darkness of the Ministry.”

I ask, “When will this light come?”

He sighs and looks again toward the trees. “That, I do not know. But this room of sacred trees is a promise that it will be soon.” He reaches forward and shows me the fresh green shoots on the branches. “I have waited long for the trees to stir. And now it has begun. But speak none of this outside of here; it is yet too dangerous. When the sanctuary trees are in bloom, then it will be time.”

I study the lime-green shoots and feel suddenly joyful, like something inside me is beginning to grow as well. I step back to take in more of their beauty. Beneath the branches is an altar of sorts, the roots of the trees growing up to hold an object. I notice they form the five interlocking circles of the Dream Makers, and then I look closer at what the altar is holding. It looks like the teak box from our living unit, just missing our Callaghan family pattern on the top. What is that doing in this dream? I wonder why mother has placed our box here in the middle of the sanctuary.

I walked forward, reaching out to touch it like I have done a thousand times before at home. But Roenin’s hand shoots out, stopping me from touching the wood. “No, lady. To touch it is death. You must promise me to never touch it, in here or out there.”

I feel shock. “Wait. How do you know that this is the box in my home? Or about the Ministry’s Dream Protocol?”

He is silent, and the dark pools of his eyes swallow me whole. Then he gathers up the cloth of his robe and in a twisting motion, swings it over my head. Everything goes dark and I feel myself falling backward into the trees. The fresh green shoots on the branches wrap around me and I remember nothing more.

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About the Author:

Adara.jpgIrish-American author, Adara Flynn Quick, is the writer of The Dream Protocol series.  Early in her career, Adara was fascinated by dreams, the unconscious, and the healing stories of many cultures.  As a contemporary author, she writes young adult literature that brings ancient myths and legends into futuristic worlds.  She is an accomplished visual artist and uses her background as a psychotherapist to inspire the finest and darkest moments of her characters.

Driven to distraction by her computer, Adara writes all of her stories longhand.  Pen and paper are two of her favorite things.  The author tortures her husband with a passion for downtempo electronica and too many pillows.  She is a firm believer that there are never enough pillows.


Author Links:

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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