Review | In Which a Dragon Isn’t Enough



Kindle Price: $6.99

Official Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Synopsis:

“When a hero emerges in the Kingdom of Teravinea, he often rises from the ranks of the dragon riders. In the past, only one female has fit the profile. Until now … Fifteen-year-old Amáne finds herself witness to the hatching of a dragon egg. The painful linking rite creates a bond between the two that cannot be broken. She and her dragon, Eshshah, become the only dragon and rider in a kingdom that once abounded with the beautiful creatures and their riders. Amáne and Eshshah are thrown into a conflict that they do not yet understand. One thing is for certain — the fate of the kingdom rests upon their shoulders…”

My Review:

Ugh. I’m on a 3-star rating streak that I really do not want to be on. What I wouldn’t give to find a couple of 5 star books…or even 4 stars. Anything.

I wanted so badly to be impressed by this book. The synopsis looked great, the cover was great too, but I just felt that the writing let me down.

I don’t really have much to say about the characters. I didn’t really connect with any of them. It might be because Amáne is fifteen and I’m eighteen, going on nineteen, but I just couldn’t relate to anything she struggled with. I also felt that she lacked character development. Amáne has an anger issue and that was clear, so I thought that maybe Trimble was going to have her develop a better temper, but instead her anger issue just goes away. One minute she’s a raging ball of anger and needs to learn how to control herself, next she’s just in control. What gives? Go through the stages like the rest of us, Amáne!

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