No, Not That Jane Austen by Marilyn Grey



Kindle Price: $0.99

Official rating: 2.5/5


The complete opposite of her parents, Jane doesn’t like reading love stories and can’t stand all things romance, but most especially she hates her name. “No, not that Jane Austen,” she’s said so many times to so many teachers, friends, and strangers, while lamenting the fact that her parents named her after one of their favorite authors, the very author who sparked their own love story.
Jane isn’t looking for a love story, and on the eve of her 18th birthday she happily considers changing her name and finally steering her life away from the self-imposed expectations that come with it, but … she meets a charming British boy on his way back home and everything she’s fought hard to control suddenly becomes irresistible.

My Review:

This wasn’t a very exciting adventure and it ended in a boring way. No, Not That Jane Austen’s synopsis is pretty misleading. It seems as if Jane has her life completely set out in front of her and then suddenly a British boy throws himself into her plans and Jane is thrown for a loop. That’s not true, don’t get it twisted.

Jane Austen isn’t an intriguing character; her name sure is, but she isn’t. She felt like a side character, a girl to push the plot along but didn’t have much else reason to be present. I didn’t and still don’t see what made the male interest want to kiss her so bad. I also don’t understand why the male interest kept saying he wanted to kiss her even though she would blatantly ignore him after he said it. Take a hint?

The plot of the story had about the same amount of meat that a vegetarian dinner would have. None. What was the point of the whole story? Technically, it can’t be called a short story, rather a really long sample of the actual story (that is definitely not worth a dollar). I think this wasn’t much a prequel, but more of a short short story that is supposed to tease you into wanting to buy the next book. Unfortunately for Grey, in order for that to work, as an author, you need to make sure that if you read No, Not That Jane Austen you would want to buy the next book. And not just because it’s yours.