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After Margot Green helps move her older sister into the University of Miami dorms, she just wants to go home to New Jersey where she can wallow in her loneliness. Unfortunately for Margot, her parents decide to extend their trip to the Florida Keys where they sign up for a kooky tour of historic Key West. Margot is horrified to have to traipse around hotter-than-Hades Old Town with her embarrassing parents until she meets Sam, an enigmatic local, who convinces her to embark on a spooky adventure that will inevitably lead to discovery and heartache.

ONE NIGHT IS ALL YOU NEED is a 5,000-word YA short story that will appeal to both romance and mystery fans. ”

My Review:

This is a short story so my review is going to be pretty short too. This book was actually really weird. I knew it was a short story, but I didn’t expect it to end as abruptly as it did. I’m still not really sure what I read.

There wasn’t really anything that “spoopy” (spooky) and I was able to see the “plot twist” a mile away. There wasn’t really that much heartache, romance, or mystery either.

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