Review Policy


Interested in getting your book reviewed? Here are a few things you, as an author or publisher, should know.


I am currently NOT accepting:

Review Requests
Cover Reveals

Where do you post your reviews?

For starters, I post my reviews here on my blog! I also post them on Goodreads, Amazon, and they will be pinned on my blog’s Pinterest board. I’ve tried to post on Barnes & Noble, but it’s rather difficult so I haven’t been posting on there.

What genre do you review?

I currently only publicly review books in the Young Adult genre. I hope to broaden my range someday, but for now, Young Adult fiction is my main focus. Almost anything underneath that category (sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, romance, etc.) is welcomed, however I can’t say that I am interested in non-fiction and most historical fiction.

What kind of content do you avoid?

  • Erotica. It is very important that the book you are requesting I review does not contain erotica, which includes sexual/adult scenes. I would also appreciate it if there wasn’t an excessive amount of expletives, but that can always vary which I understand.
  • Witches/Warlocks/Psychics/Demons. That includes demonic powers, voodoo, and fortune telling. Some form of magic may be alright (and you can ask!), but the things mentioned above are a no-go for me.
  • Rape. I do not, under any circumstances want to read about rape. If it’s in your story, please do not send a request.
  • Child Abuse/Abuse of any kind. I definitely do not want to read about this either.
  • Mental Illness(excluding depression)/Suicide/Diagnosis of a fatal illness. I am admittedly less likely to accept a request for a book that focus on these things. You can still send them (unlike the other things listed here), but please make it extremely clear how much of a focus your book has on these things.
  • Non-fiction/Historical. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t interest me right now.
  • Political. It’s okay if your book has some kind of a political system, but I don’t want to read a book about politics, as in, a non-fiction book on politics.
  • Poetry. Don’t get me wrong, I do love poetry. However, I’m focusing on reviewing traditional novels right now.
  • Horror. I do have one or two thrillers here on my blog, but it isn’t a genre I’m truly interested in. However, I will at least read the synopsis before I make a decision.

You’ll notice that I have reviewed books that contained child abuse, rape, and/or suicide. Some of them were cases where I was bound to write the review anyway and some weren’t. Nonetheless, I’ve since realized that I don’t like to read about it, so please don’t ask me to.

What’s your policy with ARCs (Advance Reader Copies)?

I am completely open to receiving an Advanced Reader Copy! The only thing that I ask is that you let me know when your book will be officially published and if you want me to post my review before, on, or after it is published. I need to know this as soon as possible because I schedule my posts up to months ahead and I may need to switch posts around. I especially need to know if you make any major changes after I have already read and reviewed your book so that I can include a disclaimer that informs the reader when I post the review.

I also need the official price of the kindle edition of your book, not your pre-order price (unless they are the same amount). If your book isn’t uploaded on Goodreads, I need a copy of your cover as I include the cover of the book I reviewed on my blog posts.

How do I send my request? 

I want all review requests to be sent to my email at In the content of your email, please include:

  1. The full title of your book
  2. If your book is a series or a stand-alone
  3. A full synopsis (or a link that will provide me one such as Goodreads)
  4. The length (# of pages) of the book
  5. A preview of your book, such as the first chapter (“Look Inside” on Amazon is fine too)
  6. The release date of your book (if I am receiving an ARC)
  7. The categories you would list your book under (Sci-Fi, Adventure, Romance, etc.).
  8. I’d also appreciate it if you included how you found my blog

If there’s anything else that you feel is necessary, don’t hesitate to put it in the email.

Requests that are received in any other form will neither be considered nor replied to.

What formats do you accept?

I read almost all of my books using the Amazon Kindle app so I currently only accept a mobi file.

Should I send you my book if it matches your review policy?

No! Please do not do this. There is (almost) nothing that rips my pages more than when authors send me their books before I’ve even had a chance to say “Yes, I want to read your book.” I understand you might be excited that I might review your book. I understand that you may feel it’s more convenient for both of us if I already have the book if I say yes. But to me, it translates into: “Hi. My book matches your policy, therefore, you must want to read it. So, here, even though you haven’t actually said “Yes” yet, I’m sure you’re going to.” I’m 100% sure you don’t mean to sound like this, but this is how I interpret it. I would appreciate it immensely if you did not send a copy/file of your book until after I’ve said I want to read your book.

Please make sure you check out the FAQ page as well, it answers some other questions you might have! Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you soon! If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here or on the FAQ page, you can either comment below, fill out the contact me form, or send me an email at!

Thanks for reading,

Paige Turner