Do you have more questions? Read on! If your question isn’t answered here, then you can either comment below or send me an email (paigereviews@gmail.com)!

Do you accept books from self-published and/or indie authors?

Yes! I welcome you just as I do any other author.

How long will it take you to review my book?

I read as often as I can, but keep in mind that as I read your book (especially if it is an ARC), I still have to keep up with my regular posting. Right now it is taking me about 3 weeks to finish a book and write the review. It may take shorter, but if it takes longer than three weeks, I will email you to let you know of my progress. Please note: If your book is extra long (as in, my kindle reader estimates it will take me 3+ hours to finish), it will most likely take me even longer to write your review.

What happens once you finish my book?

I write the review, proofread it ,and then I send it to you in a Microsoft Word document via email. I usually try send the review 2 to 3 days before it will be posted, that way if I said anything inaccurate or possibly misleading, you can correct or talk to me about it. I do try to finish ARCs as quickly as possible so that you have adequate time to make any changes to your book based on my opinion before it’s published.

Can I take part(s) of your review for my book and use it in promotional pieces?

You are welcome to quote my review as promotional pieces. I ask that you please send me an email before you do so and show me exactly what part(s) of the review you are using, where it will be published, what context is given, and where I will be given credit for the quote.


If my review of your book is clearly negative, but you take pieces of the review to make it seem as if I am recommending your book, then you may not use my review. If my review is negative, under no circumstances should any part of my review be used as positive promotion.

If you are taking pieces of my review from the unpublished version I send authors before official publishing, you may not use my review. As I mentioned in the previous question, I send authors a first draft, of sorts, of my review for the book they requested I read. The purpose of this draft is for the author to read it and ensure that I have no said anything textually inaccurate. It is for the author’s eyes only and I do not give permission to any authors to use what is written in the unofficial review for promotion or reproduction of any kind. The official review that is posted on my blog is the only place authors may extract quotes for promotion.

 Why should I send you my book to review?

Good question! As a book reviewer, my job is to help readers find a book they will enjoy. I always give reasons as to why I gave a book the rating that I did, that way a reader knows that I’m being honest and legitimate, even if I received a book for free. When you send me your book, once I write a review, I post that review on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads and I also promote the review on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. If the review is positive, I tag you on Twitter as soon as I post on my blog so that you can share it wherever possible! All of these methods will help bring potential readers to your book.

Paige, you reviewed a book for my blog tour, but never posted it on Amazon. Why?

Per Amazon’s updated rules for reviewing books, I am no longer allowed to post book reviews of books I reviewed for a blog tour. Why? Because even though I don’t get paid, the organization who is ultimately hosting the tour did get paid. Once the author pays for a service, regardless of if I get the money, Amazon wants nothing to do with it. I can still, however, post it on Goodreads and my blog without an issue.

Do you have an examples of books you’ve enjoyed and books you haven’t?

Yes! The links below are two books, one I rated 5 stars and the other 1 star:

(5 stars): How I Fall by Anne Eliot

(1 star): Rarity by D.A. Roach

What happens if you don’t like my book and it’s a “DNF” (Did Not Finish)?

If I am unable, for any reason, to finish your book, I will email you letting you know that I cannot continue. If I have made it far enough in the book, I will try to send you a review based on what I had read. I will not post reviews of books I haven’t finished.

You reviewed my book a while ago and I’ve made some changes. Can you read it again?

I’m afraid not. I understand that the changes you have made might have completely turned your book around, but I don’t re-review books I have already read and/or reviewed. If you’re looking for a reason, it is because I will already have a bias opinion and that isn’t fair to you as an author or to my readers.

I’ve noticed you don’t usually read sequels or continue series. Do you still want my book?

Sure! For the most part, I don’t like to continue series or read sequels, but it doesn’t mean I won’t. I’ll read your first book (if I’m interested) and then I can decide from there. In one instance, I did read and review the sequel to a book, but I didn’t publish it because I felt it would be unfair to the author.

Do you accept Audiobooks?

I do not, unfortunately! It’s very difficult for me to listen to a book because my mind often wanders as I listen to a steady stream of talking (if I’m not required to respond). On top of that, I don’t really have the time and/or comfortable places where I would be fine with listening to a book and not being able to hear my surroundings.

Can I pay you for a positive review?

Fortunately for my readers, but unfortunately for you (I suppose) I don’t accept monetary payments in exchange for a positive review. Sometimes I do receive books for free in exchange for a review, but there’s never a guarantee that it will be positive and I always let my readers know if I received a book for free.

Paige, I’ll be honest, you’re taking an awful long time to answer my email. What gives?

I’m so sorry! Right now I’ve been taking a while to answer emails, even though I usually try to answer them within 24 hours. My best time to respond to emails and do almost anything blog related is on the weekend, so that’s when I schedule all my posts for the next week and such things. I’m doing my absolute best to answer your email at a timely manner, but please bear with me! I’ve most likely seen your email, starred it, and will answer as soon as I can. If the email is extremely time-sensitive and I haven’t answered in two days, then send me another email (gently) reminding me of your previous email and how time-sensitive your email is.