Book Blitz: The Glitch by Ramona Finn


The Glitch by Ramona Finn
Genre: YA Dystopian
Release Date: September 5th 2016


Goodreads Summary:

theglitch-finalOn the brink of extinction, being human means more than just surviving. In Lib’s world, it’s dangerous to deviate from the norm. In fact, for someone who doesn’t live up to the Artificial Intelligence’s standards, it’s practically a death sentence. Lib learns this the hard way when she wakes up in a barren wasteland, with her memories erased, and only one thought lodged in her mind: “It’s all my fault.” Lib is a Glitch—an imperfect human component of the utopian world called the Norm. Now she’s thrown out, Lib will be forced to team up with another Glitch, Raj, and the mysterious Rogue Wolf and his clan to survive. Wolf only cares about the survival of his group, but Raj thinks they can hack the A.I. and change the Norm for the better. Now, Lib will have to decide which path to choose—whether to go with striking loner Raj or stay with Wolf and his tight-knit group. Her heart is drawn to both, but she’s carrying a deadly secret that could jeopardize them all. Will she be able to save her newfound family and stop the A.I. before it’s too late?

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Read an Excerpt:

Wolf turns out to be tall. Taller than both me and Skye by a lot. His shoulders branch out, broad and thick, encased in a dark cloth that maybe is black or maybe is just really dark and looks black because of the dim lighting. His arms are large, shaped by ropes of thick muscle. His waist dips and then his legs are the same as his arms, thick with muscles, which are only just hinted at beneath tanned cloth that doesn’t look like cloth but more like soft skin. It’s only when I’ve made it down to the tall black he wears on his feet that I jerk my stare back up to the top of him to find his face.

A face that is surprisingly young.

His muscles and size make him seem older, larger, but softness still lingers in his face. Enough to tell me he is barely older than me.

Or barely older than Skye seems to think I am.

“Who’s this?” His deep voice washes over me in a wave that could be comforting, could be menacing. It is still too early to tell.

“Lib. Glitch just tossed. Found her outside the Norm.”

“Skye led me across the stinking, blazing hot sand. She said this is one of the better places. Places where you can still grow some things and where you can find shade and water.” The more I talk, the more Wolf’s mouth pulls down. I brush at the dirt on the cloth that covers me—the jumpsuit, Skye called it. I’m dirty, tired, hungry, thirsty, and starting to not like Wolf. He’s looking at me as if I’m trash to dump. I’m a Glitch. And I’m not like Skye.

I tear my eyes away from Wolf and glance at Skye. She stands beside him now. She’s smiling, but she shifts on her feet and reaches up with one hand to tug her hair forward over one shoulder.

Wolf’s lips tug down even more. I realize with a start that he doesn’t like me and I’m surprised to find this disappoints me. A lot. I’m not sure why; he’s not important.

“A-are you a Glitch?” I ask with a stutter.

His voice turns unfriendly, and he looks straight at Skye. “You should have left her.”

“The way you left me? Wolf, she can be useful. She helped me with the hack.” Skye spreads her hands wide.

“Helped enough to get water access?”

Skye drops her head low and stares at the ground. We stand in a hole—well, we came into this through a hole, but this place is both cool and warm. The walls seem smooth—someone made this place. Light flickers, which is odd, and I don’t understand how the light can jump as it does. It comes from a spot on the ground instead of from above, and the air smells of smoke, but it is not a bad smell. Not like a circuit burning.

That thought leaves me frowning, but before I can trace it back to where it came from, Wolf folds his arms across his broad chest, causing the muscles to stand out. “You know law, Skye. You brought a stranger into the clan.”

Skye looks up, her blue eyes going bright. “Where else will she go? She’s a Glitch and wiped, too. She saved my life—I know law about that, too. That makes her clan.”

His gaze flickers to me and then back to Skye. “Wiped? You sure?”

Skye shrugs. “She couldn’t even remember her name at first. I know wiped when I see it.”

Wolf glances at me. I want to tell him he can keep his laws and clans and I will go, but Skye’s warning that no one should be alone at night echoes in me. Skye calls it Outside—says all Outside is bad, or most of it. Rogues know how to live Outside—they use the Glitches sometimes to access the Norm and get water. And I have to find the Glitches.

Skye continues to stare up at Wolf, her lower lip pushed out now. Her eyes seem bigger and the blue in them shines in the flickering light from the ground. Wolf stares her down for a long moment, but eventually he gives a short nod. He looks at me. His eyes are darker than the world above right now.

“Law is law. For saving Skye’s life, you can share the fire.” He waves at the light on the ground. He turns and stalks down into the darkness, away from us—and from the fire.

About the Author:


Ramona Finn writes about courageous characters who fight to live in broken, dystopian worlds. She believes a person’s true characters is often revealed in times of crisis, and there is no greater crisis than the worlds that she drops her characters into!

She grew up sitting cross-legged on her town’s library floor– completely engrossed in science fiction books. It was always the futuristic world or the universe-on- the-brink- of-extinction plotlines that drew her in, but it was the brave characters who chose to fight back that kept her turning the pages.

Her books create deep, intricate worlds with bold characters determined to fight for their survival in their dystopian worlds– with a little help from their friends. And, of course, romance is never out of the question 😉

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My Fair Assassin by C.J. Anaya



Kindle Price: $0.99

Official Rating: 5/5

Goodreads Synopsis:

“It’s not everyday a teenage girl is singled out for assassination.

Crysta has come to accept the fact that she is freakishly different. Her shocking white hair, creepy powers, and weird eating habits have prevented her from fitting in with her various foster families. Now that she is fully emancipated and providing for herself, she hopes that life will settle down and become something halfway normal.

Her hopes are shattered when a dangerous man with lethal intent breaks into her apartment, but this enticing stranger isn’t what he seems. Is he here to kill her or protect her from others who will?

My Fair Assassin is a romantic short story with elements of paranormal and urban fantasy woven in for an entertaining read. It also touches on social issues involving personal self-esteem and acceptance. Adults and teens alike will enjoy getting lost in the pages of Crysta’s story as she finally comes to accept who she is…or rather what she is.”

My Review:

Oh dear. If assassins are anything like the assassins in My Fair Assassin, I would very much like to be singled out for an assassination.

Oh that sounds just horrid doesn’t it?

You don’t understand! Anaya wrote an amazing book.

I love love love Crysta. She is hilarious and she tries so hard to do her best and she is just perfect. She has her flaws and sometimes she tries to ignore what’s right in front of her face, but she’s perfect. I loved her. You need to read this line:

The well muscled warrior standing several feet in front of me had made that abundantly clear [that she wouldn’t live long]. I studied him intently, deciding it would be best to memorize every inch of him in case I managed to escape and succeeded in describing my would be assassin to the local authorities.


My need to drink in his image had absolutely nothing to do with his six-foot frame, broad shoulders, sharp, chiseled features, and flawless crystal-blue orbs framed by a sturdy brow.

Insert wistful sigh here.

Doesn’t description make you want to just squeal? It made me want to squeal.

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Cover Reveal: Shadows of the Forest by Emma Michael

Shadows of the Forest by Emma Michaels
Publication date:November 5th, 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Everyone is dying to live in the Shadows of the Forest.
They gave me three rules to follow in exchange for my brother’s life:
1. Do not enter the West Wing;
2. Do not go outside after darkness falls; and
3. There is only one exit; The Gates.

This is what happened when I broke them…




Author Bio:

emmaEmma Michaels is the award winning author of the Society of Feathers series with over 15 publications under her belt. With a love for all things story-telling this bibliophile plans to take over the world one cup of coffee at a time.  A rule breaker who isn’t afraid to have uncommon opinions she is an avid lover of mathematics and stand out fiction which transcends both its genre and format whether books, games, movies, or otherwise. A good story is a good story. When she isn’t online she is out dancing in the Washington rain or seeking new adventures.

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Book Blitz: The Dark at the End by Susan Adrian


The Dark at the End (Tunnel Vision #2) by Susan Adrian
Genre: YA Thriller
Release Date: September 27th, 2016

Goodreads Synopsis:

darkattheendcoverContinuing the critically acclaimed story of TUNNEL VISION:

Jake thinks he has only one more step and he’ll be free: he has to get the serum to stop his ability to tunnel—to find and control people through objects. But Jake’s contact has been killed, and there’s no sign of the serum. Then Jake’s mom and little sister Myka are kidnapped, right under his nose. With the government, his power-mad father, and the terrifying Mr. Smith all after him while he still has his power, he doesn’t have anywhere to turn. What will Jake do to get his mom and little sister back? Anything.


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Amazon Kindle | Amazon Paperback

Check out the first book: Tunnel Vision (Tunnel Vision #1) on Goodreads

Read an Excerpt:

Dedushka stares at the door, frowning. He knocks again. Rachel slips her hand into mine. It’s damp—everything’s damp. I can feel the sweat dripping down my back. But I squeeze.

We wait, listening for the sound of footsteps coming towards us. It suddenly reminds me of Halloween, standing on a porch with Myka holding my hand, both of us in ridiculously complex costumes courtesy of Mom. Waiting for footsteps to bring us candy.

This is a different kind of candy, but I still want it.

I step forward and try the door. Locked. I glance at Dedushka.

“Perhaps he waits for us inside.” He scratches at his beard. “We try the back.”

He strides down the steps, around the carport side. We follow, slower. Looking everywhere.

“Yakob.” Dedushka’s voice is spiked with urgency. When we get to the back, Dedushka stands there holding the door open, looking in. “It is wrong,” he says. “Be careful.” He goes in, stepping lightly. I go up, see what he means, and let go of Rachel’s hand.

It’s trashed. Unless Vladimir is a really messy housekeeper, someone’s been here before us. The door opens into a kitchen, and every surface, almost every inch of the floor, is covered with silverware, shards of glass, scraps of paper. The drawers and cupboards are open. Even the refrigerator is open, pumping cold air uselessly into the room. I close it, then follow Dedushka. Rachel follows me.

They were looking for the serum. They had to be, with everything searched through like this. Jesus, how did they know about the old man and the serum?

Dedushka keeps moving forward, slowly. I move too, even though every cell in my body wants to stop and run away like my legs are on fire. They might still be here. They might take me again, shove me underground again. End everything.

Rachel is silent behind me.
I keep walking. Dedushka looks in a front bedroom, left off a short hall. He moves on, to the last room. I poke my head in the front one too. It’s a trophy room, or it was before it all got turned over. Baseball stuff, bats and balls and gloves and tickets, hundreds of tickets. I can see spaces on the wall where frames must’ve hung, but now they’re on the floor with everything else, shattered.

Dedushka makes a strangled noise from the back bedroom, and I jump for the door. I stop short when I see, Rachel at my shoulder. She screams, small, before she cuts it off.

Vladimir is sprawled on his back across the bed, a gunshot hole in the middle of his forehead.

Author Bio:

susan adrian.jpgSusan Adrian is a 4th-generation Californian who somehow stumbled into living in Montana. In the past she danced in a ballet company and worked in the fields of exotic pet-sitting, clothes- schlepping, and bookstore management. She’s settled in, mostly, as a scientific editor. When she’s not with her family, she keeps busy researching spy stuff, learning Russian, traveling, and writing more books.

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The Dream Protocol by Adara Flynn Quick




Kindle Price: $2.99

Goodreads Synopsis:


In fiery young Deirdre Callaghan’s home of Skellig City, no one has dreamt their own dream in over a thousand years. Dreams are produced by the Dream Makers and sold by the Ministry, the tyrannical rulers of the city. In Skellig City, years of life are awarded equally and the ruined are cast away beneath the city on their 35th birthday.

Unbeknownst to the Ministry, Deirdre’s handsome friend Flynn Brennan is afflicted with a terrible disease – a disease that accelerates the aging process. Knowing his fate if the Ministry should ever discover his illness, Flynn has lived his whole life hiding from their watchful eyes. When Flynn’s secret is finally discovered, Deirdre is determined to free him from the Ministry’s grasp. But to save him, she will have to reveal herself to a shadowy enemy…one that none of them even knew existed.”

My Review:

Truthfully, I am not impressed. Also truthfully, I am not disappointed. It’s like waiting for a pie to finish baking and it smells really amazing and you take it out of the oven and you cut a slice and the crust is crisp. Then you bite into it, and you think Hm. Smells better than it tastes, but it’s still pretty good.

The concept is truly spectacular, let me be clear. A society where being old is the equivalent of being ruined and therefore, at thirty-five, you are cast away into Tìr na nÓg, what I can only assume is Heaven. Quick had a great synopsis, which is why I read the book in the first place, and I don’t have any “harsh” complaints. The reason for my rating is because I wasn’t as engrossed as I [wish I] could have been.

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The Fountain by Suzy Vadori


Kindle Price: $4.99

Official Rating: 0.5/5

Goodreads Synopsis:

“Careful what you wish for. It just might come true.
Ava Marshall, driven by a desire to learn more about her mother’s past, moved across the country to attend St. Augustus. But her mom’s secrets will have to wait, because she finds herself instantly hated for her family’s connection to her new school and is forced to fight alone against a classmate who is setting Ava up to be expelled.

Fleeing campus, she takes a shortcut to her Gran’s house through the forbidden West Woods and discovers a mysterious fountain that has the power to grant a wish and change it all. But can she live with the consequences? Or will she end up breaking every school rule and risking the love of her life to make it right…”

My Review:

What. Did. I. Just. Read. 

Can anyone tell me? Anyone? What did I just read? Because I have no clue. I just read a terrifying mess and Oh. My. Gosh, run for your lives.

Surprisingly, I don’t hate the characters. There’s definitely no love for them either, but there’s no hatred. Even still, I can’t stand them.

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The Labyrinth Wall by Emilyann Girdner



Kindle Price: $3.99

Official Rating: 1/5

Goodreads Synopsis:

Araina’s isolated teenage life is forever altered when she witnesses a man emerge through a rippling wall into the dark labyrinth she calls home. As a result of the stranger’s arrival, Araina’s Creators have unleashed a series of magical attacks using the labyrinth against its inhabitants. Now Araina must decide if she will trust potentially deceitful allies in order to reach safety on the other side of the labyrinth wall.”

My Review:

I requested this book from Netgalley, say, three or four days ago and I finished reading it on Wednesday. The synopsis made the book sound awesome, the book’s cover made the book seem awesome, even the Goodreads rating made it seem awesome. The Labyrinth Wall was not awesome.

In truth, I was extremely bored. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would say: “The Labyrinth Wall is simply a book about traveling.” And I wouldn’t be wrong. The entire book is about Araina and where she’s walking/running/escaping to or from.

Speaking of Araina, she’s not a special character. If you’ve been following my reviews for a while, then you know I am 100% against the whole “I am not special, but wait, I actually am! More special than special has ever seen!!” Ariana is told, once, by some guy who’s been stalking her (he doesn’t call it that, but it was stalking), that she’s special because of some flimsy reason. Ariana, however, wasn’t special at all. Of all the other heroines I’ve read, they were the “special” trope, and then the author gave them something special about them. Your main characters need something that makes them even a tiny bit different from the average Joe (or Mahk in this case). Ariana got nothing. Ariana was an unforgettable character, to the point that I forgot her name and had to look it up. She was, horrifyingly, a plot-pushing character in a book where she was the main character.

The rest of the characters were plot-pushers as well, insignificant in all aspects.

The plot was somewhere outside of the book I actually read. The Labyrinth Wall is literally just a book about traveling and that doesn’t interest me. I wanted adventure, cracking codes, a mystical labyrinth with winding turns and scary dead-ends, and heart-squeezing, lung-pumping, wide-eyed events to take place. Instead, I got 305 page long book about Ariana’s experience with two places she’s never gone before. There were no epic battles, instead there were small fights that I would guess were supposed to be epic, but fell flat. Every “terrifying” event that took place always had a convenient escape route and of course, Ariana would stumble upon some super philosophical realization about herself that was cliche that I didn’t care about. There was no suspense, no drama, no wonder, no awe, I just found it meh. The ending was ridiculous too. The absolute least this book could have given me was an actual ending, instead of a cliff-hanger that wasn’t even doing its job: leave me hanging in such suspense that I want to read the next book.

The writing left me confused and lost and most of the time I didn’t know where Ariana was and I didn’t feel like knowing. There was no overall purpose of Ariana’s goals and we weren’t given a backstory. I was told a vague description of how the Mahk people are made and then I’m hurried along into the next random scene. While I can agree that the Mahk people are suffering, I wasn’t given a reason to care. I didn’t connect with any of the characters because they lacked the humanity I can relate to. Each character was detached and distant, the most genuine relationship I saw was between Ariana and her pet, and even that’s a stretch.
Would I recommend The Labyrinth Wall? Unfortunately, no, I’m afraid I wouldn’t.

I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

There Once Were Stars by Melanie McFarlane: Book Blitz & Giveaway!





“Peace. Love. Order. Dome. That’s the motto that the Order has given the residents of Dome 1618 to live by. Natalia Greyes is a resident of Dome 1618, a covered city protected from the deadly radiation that has poisoned the world outside for four generations. Nat never questioned the Order, until one day she sees a stranger on the outside of the dome. Now Nat wants answers. Is there life outside the dome and if so, what has the Order been hiding from everyone?”



Kindle Price: $3.82

Official Rating: 3.5/5


My Review:

McFarlane, please forward my apologies to your co-worker, Ms. Kahla Dombowsky, for I am stealing her quote: This is so good!

There Once Were Stars was predictable, but unpredictable, and that’s not only possible, but also enjoyable.

Here’s what was predictable: Government of some sort is bad, inevitable love triangle, female main character with brown eyes and brown hair, lies, lies, and more lies, the main character getting upset when everything she knows is a lie, a smirking love interest, an I’ve known you my whole life and you’re sweet and comfortable love interest.

Here’s what was unpredictable: The government, the love triangle, the main character, the main character’s reactions to lies, the smirking love interest, and the comfortable love interest.

Are you interested now?

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Dissever by Tracey Ward



Kindle Price: Free!

Official Rating: 4/5

Goodreads Synopsis:

“Annabel Lee has her life mapped out for her. A pawn in her aristocratic father’s game, she goes where’s told and does as he says. And she’ll marry who she’s told to marry.

Roarke is an outsider. A member of a mysterious clan living at the edge of the distant wood, he would do anything for Anna. For the childhood friend he can know only in secret. For the girl he’s loved all his life.

As they grow older and Anna’s fate draws near, they’ll discover that nothing is as it seems. That the secrets and lies that have kept them apart are what will ultimately draw them together.

And even death itself can’t tear them apart.

A Gothic fantasy romance based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem ‘Annabel Lee'”

My Review:

Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked onto Dissever. The cover wasn’t impressive, it just looked like some girl who would of course be relevant in the story. I had bought the book who knows how many months ago, but I didn’t re-read the synopsis so I was going in blind. I was surprised to have enjoyed it.

Ward did something extremely unique with Dissever, something I wasn’t expecting and I adored. There are no petty enemies. This is important because she had two chances to make Anna have petty enemies and she passed them up. There’s a girl who is in love with the prince, but of course, Anna is set to marry him. Ward could have made Anna and the girl be sworn enemies because of it, but instead they become friends. The second person who could have been an enemy I cannot say, because it would be a major spoiler, but I was extremely pleased that he wasn’t an enemy.

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Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors by H. L. Burke


Kindle Price: $2.99

Official Rating: 5/5


“Nyssa Glass is a reformed cat burglar turned electrician’s apprentice, settled into a life repairing videophones and radio-sets. However, when her past comes calling, she finds herself forced into one last job. No one has entered Professor Dalhart’s secluded mansion in almost a decade, at least not and returned to tell the tale. If Nyssa wants to ensure her freedom, she’ll brave the booby trapped halls and mechanized maids. Nyssa has skills, but this house has more than its share of secrets. As she steps into the cobwebbed halls lined with dusty mirrors, she has to wonder. Is the House of Mirrors really abandoned?”

My Review:

Oh my. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my. I liked this book. I bought this last month because the synopsis had me interested and wow, Burke didn’t disappoint me. An excellent blend of adventure, mystery, and romance. Oh, I am swooning.

I THINK I’M IN LOVE WITH A COMPUTER. That’s all I can say about that, no spoilers, sorry. 😉

Honestly, I hate a lot of 5 star books. Do you know why? Because I love them. And because I love them the review isn’t as fun because a) I didn’t write any notes because I didn’t have any complaints so I am totally writing by memory, b) it’s a lot more fun to write a negative review, and c) I never like to write 5 star reviews because it just kinda taints the book for me. Not really in a bad way, but just in an “it’s over” way. But no matter, I will write about this wonderful book.

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