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“In a world not divided by race, but by blood type, Blue Anders finds herself on the wrong end of fortune’s mercy. Born with a lesser blood type, Blue is raised in The Way, a work camp for A-bloods.
The Vemreaux (B-bloods) are the ruling class. Theirs is the only type that responds to the Fountain of Youth, granting them an additional one hundred twenty years, heightened senses and nearly unbreakable bones in exchange for an iron deficiency that makes them crave O-type human blood.
The Vemreaux are at the top of the food chain until a mysterious predator begins stealthily claiming them and sending back their filleted bodies. Thus begins the search for the Light – a woman foretold to be able to free the Vemreaux from this tyranny. Blue sets off with her brother to fight for those that oppressed her, charging ferociously into the battle that could claim her life.”

My Review:




Yeah, that’s what The Way did to my heart.

I want to just bawl.

This book honestly tore me apart to the point where I nearly burst into tears on the train. I’m in love. To the point where after I finished writing my notes, I straight up bought the next book using my data.

Every single character made me hate Twomey (in the way that readers often do) because they were so complex and raw and real that I fell in love with them. Now I’m scared that the series will one day end and I’ll never see them again.

Blue, Baird, Elle, Grettel, Griffin and all of the others just ruined me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. I could not even begin. I am still recovering but listen to me: This book will destroy you enough that you need the next book and I respect an author who can do that to me. I am capable of distancing myself so easily and Twomey refused to let me go.

I love Blue. She reminded me of myself in scary ways and I really liked reading abut her.

I adored Baird. At first I hated him, but then I began to understand him and now I love him too.

I kind of like Elle, she isn’t my favorite, but she’s cool too.

I adore Grettel! I’m sad about her decision, but she’s awesome.

Each character went through such unbelievable character development that I was in awe, especially Blue. One character refused to let her continue ignorant in how to treat other people, instead he kindly explained to her what she has to do instead and she listened to him. I love it.

The plot was flawless. I actually truly do mean flawless. Once. ONCE is when I was like Oh brother here we go. And then I took it BACK. I. FREAKING. TOOK. IT. BACK.  Twomey’s writing was perfect and I knew from the beginning this book would slay me. I KNEW.

How did I know I knew? When I first started it, it was going so well that I hated it. I thought I was in the middle of a slump, but no. It was my heart desperately trying to save itself. I’m going to try to be more in depth right now, but please know I am in the middle of agony. I can’t.

Would I Recommend The Way? Get OUT of my FACE with that question. YES. I would literally buy this book in hard copy just so I could die again (but not for a while, I need to regain my health). Then force my friends to read it. And then their friends. I need hospice care while I recover. Farewell.

Official Rating: 5/5




Kindle Price: $3.99

Synopsis (contains spoilers! highlight to read):

“Living in the real world is a lot more confusing than Blue Anders bargained for. While Sam is patient with her, Baird is not – demanding the utmost perfection from his sister before she travels to the O-blood island to destroy the predator. Emotions run high as Blue trains with Sam, Alec and Brody, who insist on fighting the battle with her. With the crowned prince of Europe declared among the missing, the emperor teams up with Blue to bring his son home. Blue doesn’t count on falling in love with Sam, or being taken in by the royal family, but she finds herself clinging to the last moments of the life she always wanted before going off to fight her final battle.”

I read The Truth shortly after and let me tell you it was just as good. This is a series, everyone. You already know how I feel about series, so that fact that I not only bought the second book (with real actual money), read the second book, and loved the second book is something really serious.

I’ll let this be brief, since I won’t include spoilers and I’m not going to really go in-depth because of that:

The second book is just as amazing as the first book, if not even more. Twomey didn’t give half of her effort for this, like many authors do, but did her absolutely best as if her life depended on it. The characters kept on developing, the plot moved steadily, there was a delicious lack of cliche events and phrases, and I just really enjoyed it.

I wanted to read the third book (so you know how much I must have loved this series), but I’m scared as to how it’s going to unfold so I’m not sure if I will. But this book was just as amazing.

Would I Recommend The Truth? Oh, why yes, yes I would.

Official Rating: 5/5

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