Review: Nika: A Seychatka Novella by D.H. Gibbs


Kindle Price: $2.99

Official Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Synopsis

“Taken off the streets Nika is thrown into an unknown world where she’s held captive. As an orphan, she has been on the run and must find her way out before they discover her secret. But these people held the knowledge of her family and who she is. Will she be able to find out before her secret is revealed?

After hundreds of years, Demyan has finally found the rightful ruler of his race. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know who she is and is doing everything in her power to escape him. Time is running out and Demyan has to convince Nika to take her rightful place otherwise the battle will be lost and his race extinguished.”

My Review:

Hm. This book had many things I didn’t like, many things I didn’t mind, and a few things I liked. Will this review follow that order? Eh. Debateable.

I know that this is a novella, but in my opinion it needed more. It felt like Gibbs tried really hard for this novella to end on a cliffhanger, that so much of what I needed to read in order to want to continue was missing. Once I reached the cliffhanger, there was no silent screaming (which I often do when I want more), instead it was: Oh? That’s it? Alright, fine then.

I liked Nika’s name, but not so much her actions. I didn’t dislike her overall, but I did find her to be disrespectful of traditions and customs. You know how people usually bow to Royalty? Well, Nika acted as if it was outdated and stupid, which I felt was rather rude. She also acted as if her own people weren’t worth the time it took to remember their names. It was also really weird how it seemed like she was attracted to her cousin. The way she described him gave me the heebies jeebies. I get that she had never met him before, but still. Sometimes Nika would make me laugh, especially with her retorts, though.

I didn’t care for the other characters, especially the love interest. It was more lust than any actual attraction that goes deeper than the physical and it happened awfully quickly. I think if anyone, I liked Alex.

I honestly could not stand the fact that Gibbs put in abbreviations in the novella. Sure, if you’re showing a text message, then yeah, put in abbreviations. But Gibbs would have Nika think: “WTF?” or have her say (outloud) “btw.” or instead of “you,” Gibbs wrote “Yuh.” What??? I have never seen such a thing. Rarely does anyone just say ‘btw’ out loud in normal conversation. There were also multiple spelling errors, accidentally repeated words, incorrect words and such things.

I did like the way Gibbs transitioned into the backstory, that was good. I also liked how she gave me the information. I didn’t feel overwhelmed and I also enjoyed reading it.

It was a good call on Gibbs part to have the novella be more than just Nika’s point-of-view, as well as to not make Nika a blubbering crying mess whenever she found out information.

Would I Recommend Nika: A Seychatka Novella? Not really. For $2.99, I think it’s a tad expensive for what you ultimately get.

I received a copy of this book for free from the YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

One thought on “Review: Nika: A Seychatka Novella by D.H. Gibbs

  1. TeacherofYA says:

    It’s such a shame when books are riddled with errors like that. Takes you out of the moment.
    Had a similar incident with a RaR…given to me by a sweet girl, the novel was written with all sorts of inconsistencies and errors. When I marked her down for it in my rating, she got upset and claimed the novel wasn’t finished yet. She wanted me to re-review it after she edited it, but at that point I just couldn’t sit through it again. I tried, but the same problems I had before came up again and u just stopped. Our time is too short to be wasting it on books you know are t good. So I appreciate the honest review! Thank you!!


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