Making Adjustments

Guess what?

I’m in college now! I moved in a while ago and classes have already started. Which is a great thing! I’m loving it. What’s not a great thing is that I have a heavy workload. Academics always comes before extracurricular activities so Between Reality is going to have some spotty posting for a while until I get the hang of things.

I’m still going to post any guest posts or tours that I have already scheduled, but book reviews might not come as regularly as they used to.

Am I still reading books? Most definitely! I’m about 60% in a book that I downloaded a while ago, and I’m always downloading more books that I think are interesting. However, it takes me time to read and then find time to write the review. That’s why the reviews will be spotty, but it isn’t because I’m not reading!

I appreciate your understanding and I hope to get my schedule together soon!

Paige Turner

Full Bookshelf, Full Mind

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