Book Review Blogging – Guest Post

As a book review blogger, I never realized that there is actually a community of fellow bloggers who truly want to be in a community and not just out there in cyberspace all alone. Although we love what we do every day – the reading, writing, answering emails, and so on – it is actually a tremendously wonderful break to be able to talk to other bloggers. You might think there is only one way to do things – I know that’s what I thought. Then I had the opportunity to get on a community of sorts through Goodreads and found my fellow people. Hee hee!

I noticed a few things about those of us who review books: we truly love what we do; we desperately want to be a part of community – no it isn’t all about us; most of us love to write a well as read; and we love to share. That’s how I came upon Paige and we discussed exchanging posts on each other’s sites. This is not something that was a new thing for me. I’ve had bloggers, as well as authors write articles for my blog, but to have a blogger from my new community ask me to do what I’ve never been asked to do before really pleased me.

Just as in the real world, I feel it is important that we support one another. Yes, I know some bloggers are in competition with one another, but that’s not the way it should be. We should be encouraging and supportive. For instance, if I receive a review request but I am full, I might refer the author to another blogger I know is looking for books to read. I didn’t have to do that, but we are a community and that’s what you do for people in your community. If my neighbor needs to borrow a cup of sugar, I give it to her. If I don’t have it, she and I might discuss who else could be home to lend it to her. The book blogging community should be that was as well and I honestly think we’re headed that way because it’s super important.

Written by A. Fae from Truth About Books by A Fae

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