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HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE! Only three more days until the WEEKEND, you can DO THIS! I am currently participating in the Make Me Read It Readathon and YOU had the chance to vote and decide what books I am reading and when I am reading them. I’m about three days behind (yeesh) because I had a long weekend and I had to recover today, but I am BACK and ready to turn some pages, no paper-cuts required! So here is the line up for this week:

With an astounding four votes, The Roadrunner Cafe by Jamie Zerndt is the first book I’m going to be reading.


A three way TIE between Into the Dark by Brian Spangler, Kingdom from Ashes by Megan Linski, and The Deepest Red by Miriam Bell. Annnnnd coming in last with one vote is The Way by Mary E. Twomey. The rest of the books didn’t get any votes, but I’m sure I’ll read them eventually (maybe.). Here is how I plan to do this. I’m going to start reading The Roadrunner Cafe and I’ll post updates on how it’s going via Twitter. Make sure you’re following me so you can see my thoughts first hand before they come together in a review!

I also uploaded a poll onto Twitter last night for you all to vote on as a tie breaker for the three books that received two votes each, it’ll be up for two days or when I finish The Roadrunner Cafe (whichever comes first), so don’t procrastinate when it comes to voting!

That’s about it, let the reading begin!

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