Recovery Plans

Happy 4th of July!!!

I’m still recovering from the last two weeks so I couldn’t get enough energy to write up my next review. I hope to get back on track by tomorrow because it’s stressful to not have reviews lined up for this week. But, I didn’t want to just not post today, so this is what I decided to do instead: Give you all a sneak peak of what I have planned for the rest of the 2016 year (in no particular order).

Instagram. I want to start up an Instagram account and I have a few ideas on what I want to do with it that’ll let you guys have more of a say on what I read. I think it’ll be fun for you guys to choose!

My own content. This doesn’t go to say that what I’ve been posting isn’t my own content, gracious no. But…I want to start posting articles on here, so look out for those. They’ll be original, of course.

Other content. Guest posting!! I already have one guest post lined up with my good friend (and one of my favorite introverts) Maggie over at Maggie’s Musings (Check out her blog!) and we’ve been collaborating for a while. I want to have a guest post every now and then on my blog and I hope to get started guest posting on other blogs as well.

Giveaways. I want to host my first Between Reality giveaway. I don’t know when, but I’ve been doing my research for months now and I want to do that soon so keep an eye out. 😉

Logo. I may or may not have a new logo which I will be posting about very soon. Not to give any spoilers but I love it and it’s gorgeous…

Old new stuff. I started doing tags and Themed Thursdays, which I’ll be keeping up on. I love alliteration so that’s what Tagged Tuesdays and Themed Thursdays is a thing. Don’t be surprised if I post twice in one day, though. I promise not to spam you, however! I just have so much to say, will five days of the week ever be enough? We shall see…

Also, just a reminder, I’m participating in my first Readathon! Go vote so I know what you want me to read!

I have a few other ideas still, you know me, always trying to put forth something new. But I think that what I’ve given is a good taste of what’s to come. If you have any suggestions, always know that I’m open to hearing them!

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