Diamond Bonds by Jeff Kish (ARC Review)


Kindle Price: $0.99

Official Rating: 3/5


“Era cares only of surpassing his father’s infamy as a master thief – until he stumbles onto a kidnapped girl and promises to return her home.

Dreaming of a quick and easy reward, Era and his thieving partner Jem set off to return the girl to her wealthy father. However, when bounty hunters and elemental mercenaries attack to recapture the girl, her claims of ignorance begin to ring hollow. When the girl’s own elemental talents are revealed, Era begins to question what else she may be hiding.

As Era fights off foe after foe with his untrained earth shaping skills, the temptation to simply collect the reward on her head sparks an inner conflict between his moral foundation and the future he has always wanted.”

My Review:

When Kish emailed me, he (politely) asked me if I would read his book and I calmly replied to his email in the most professional manner I could. Then I texted my friend in all capital letters (in an entirely unprofessional manner) my fears of what would I do if I didn’t like his book. You see, it’s way easier to hate a book when the author is rude. But it’s way harder to hate a book, when the author, this time being Kish, is respectful and polite. It’s always so very refreshing to talk to an author who doesn’t respond with a rather unappreciative tone. Nonetheless, my feelings cannot get in the way of an honest review, which is why I am most relieved to say that I did enjoy Kish’s book, Diamond Bonds.

I’m bound to honesty (how bad was that pun?) so I have to say that Diamond Bonds didn’t really have my interest until 85% or so into the book. That was, in my opinion, when the action truly started, along with a plot twist that quietly surprised me. I say quietly because I didn’t gasp, but was no less surprised.

The main issue with the plot was that most of the book was focused on their journey. At first, I was enjoying their travels and issues, but after a few chapters, the traveling still hadn’t ended and neither did the issues. It was an infinite stream of chapters full of traveling and one bad coincidence after another and it was rather exhausting.

The characters weren’t so bad. I expected there to be more of a cutthroat type of attitude for some of them, who I won’t mention because spoilers, I felt that they should have had a more mature tone of voice, especially the adults. In my opinion, none of them really spoke with the maturity that they needed. Instead, they all had a rather childish kind of vocabulary and dialogue.

I think of all the characters, I liked Jem the most. I felt that she had more character, even though she still needed her personality developed more, and I liked the way she made some of her decisions and how strong she was.

Era and the rest of the characters were okay too. But I think their personalities were a bit lost among the paragraphs filled with traveling and small arguments as well. It’s quite possible that the ending is the reason why however, so I won’t gripe.

Honestly I feel the need to stress again that the ending completely shocked me. I had no clue, no warning, no foreshadowing, not a single hint and I loved it. I love being taken by surprise by a great plot twist and Kish certainly came through.

Admittedly, the writing wasn’t as good as I would have liked. There were many repeated words or phrases such as “Era chuckles,” which is used twenty times (while chuckles is used thirty-eight altogether) and the word “shouts” was used fifty-eight times.

All things considered, Kish’s writing style is rather simplistic, but not in a negative way. It was a great reminder that not all writing has to be bursting with fancy words and descriptions; sometimes simple is better. If anything, there needed to be more detail for the surroundings, but I don’t have any real complaints.
Would I Recommend Diamond Bonds? Honestly, it’s very difficult to say. Diamond Bonds wasn’t mind-blowing, since more than just the plot twist has to ‘wow’ a reader, but it also wasn’t awful. It’s only a dollar and if you don’t mind reading a heavy amount of traveling, then I would recommend it.

Update: Diamond Bonds was revised and/or changed after I read and reviewed it.

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