My First ‘Thon!

Two posts in one day! *screams as the world comes to an end* Agh, I know, I never do this (until now) but I have a book review scheduled for Friday and I want it to be the sole focus for the day.


I am going to participate in the Make Me Read It Readathon hosted by Val @ The Innocent Smiley and Ely @ Tea Titles!

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It’s a Readathon that runs from July 9th to July 16th where you as my audience choose the books I read and in what order I read them! If you’d like to learn more and/or join in, head over to here.

Alright, I won’t lie. My TBR (To Be Read) list is ridiculous. I have books listed in my shopping cart and Wish List on Amazon that I want to buy, I have twenty-five books in the “Want To Read” collection on my Amazon Kindle App (which doesn’t include the 31 non-YA books I want to try out), I literally just added another book to my Want to Read list on Goodreads while I was writing this post, and I’ll let you in on my dirty little secret: My book addiction is so bad that I currently have 908 books downloaded on my Amazon Kindle App.

I know. Almost 1,000 books that at some point I wanted to read enough that I clicked “One-Click Purchase,” or downloaded them from InstantFreebie, or downloaded them from NetGalley, or…or…or….so many or’s. I’m getting help for my addiction, don’t worry. (Okay, that is a lie.)

So, below is the poll for the books you can vote make me read. You don’t have to be following my blog to vote, but it would be nice. 😉

I know, I know. Ten choices? Isn’t that overkill? It might be, but in case something happens where I can’t continue a book (or I finish more than I thought I would) I don’t want to be stuck. Besides, what’s 10 books out of 908? Vote vote vote! I’m so excited.

Here’s a link to each book in the same order listed on the poll so that you don’t have to search each one for the synopsis:

Into the Dark by Brian Spangler

Kingdom from Ashes by Megan Linski

Hidden Deep by Amy Patrick

The Roadrunner Cafe by Jamie Zerndt (Formerly known as Brailling for Wile)

The Way by Mary E. Twomey

First Kiss by Ann Marie Frohoff

Dissever by Tracey Ward

The Deepest Red by Miriam Bell

The Viking by Marti Talbott

Hollo: The Gatecaster’s Apprentice by Devon Michael

If you’re participating in this readathon too, post your link in the comments and I’ll vote for you!

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