Discussion: Themed Thursdays #2


Whoo! The second post for Themed Thursdays is here! There were no comments on the last one, but does that stop me? Obviously not! Themed Thursdays is here whether you like it or you like it. 😉

In case you’re just stumbling upon a Themed Thursday for the first time in your life, here’s how it works:

Every Thursday, I will post a prompt and you will have the chance to comment (or email me!) your written response. (I may or may not post my composition just to get the ball rolling.) It can be a short story, a single scene, a poem, or really anything. The only rule is that it isn’t explicit/inappropriate, I want to steer clear of that. Depending on how many responses I get, I will either encourage commenting on the original post or ask that you send me an email with your written response and then I’ll create a post where everyone can read the submissions all at once.

I made this prompt, so credit goes to…me!

‘Do you think you could ever love me?’ She asked quietly, handing me a towel.

I toweled my hair and flinched as a drop of water landed inside my ear. “Eggs in a basket, babe, just eggs in a basket.”

She laughed. “Honestly, shut up about that. I hate it.”


Leave some feedback and tell me what you thought!

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