Discussion: Themed Thursdays!

So…I messed up. This was supposed to post this morning at 6AM, but it didn’t. Whoops. 😦

I am so excited to present this and I hope it’s received well! I wanted to start something that will encourage responses, not because I like to have comments, but because I like to talk to all of you! So, here is what Themed Thursdays is:

Every Thursday, I will post a prompt and you will have the chance to comment (or email me!) your written response. (I may or may not post my composition just to get the ball rolling.) It can be a short story, a single scene, a poem, or really anything. The only rule is that it isn’t explicit/inappropriate, I want to steer clear of that. Depending on how many responses I get, I will either encourage commenting on the original post or ask that you send me an email with your written response and then I’ll create a post where everyone can read the submissions all at once.

All prompts, unless otherwise stated, have been pulled from figment’s “figment © Daily Theme” email subscription (which I recommend!). Now, without further delay, here is our first prompt:

“So, this is it. This is home.”

A nice piece of dialogue for you to insert anywhere in what you write. 🙂 Enjoy!


Leave some feedback and tell me what you thought!

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