Impromptu Post of the Day!

Hello hello!

Today’s post, which is indeed rather unplanned, is concerning the next two weeks (June 20th through July 1st). I volunteer at summer program every year and it starts next week. I’ll be working from 7:45AM to most likely 3PM and I’ll be really tired after I get out. As such, I don’t know if I’ll be able to read 6 books and have enough energy to write the reviews for them. So, my solution? I’m still going to (try to) post, but they won’t be reviews. Instead, they’ll be a little preview of the things I’ve been wanting to test out. My plan is to post a regularly scheduled review Monday morning at the usual time (6AM), Tuesday will be know as Tag Tuesdays (alliteration yay!),  and Thursdays will be Theme Thursdays (I’m excited about this one!). Normally, Wednesday and Fridays would be Book Review days, but like I said, I’m not sure if I can, so we shall see. Whatever happens, I still want to post 3 days a week.

That’s all I have as for an update, thanks for reading!


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