The Starter Boyfriend by Tina Ferraro



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Official Review: 1.5/5


“17 year-old Courtney is completely stressed. There’s the rift with her softball teammates, homework, housework, her part-time job at the tux shop, her dad’s upcoming wedding…enough! Would it be too much to ask for someone special in her life, a boyfriend she could talk to, count on, even lean on a little?

The best she’s got is a blue-eyed surfer boy who seems to save his biggest moves for his board, and a “friend date” to Homecoming with a guy still in love with his ex. Oh, and then there’s the tuxedo mannequin in the shop window, who happens to be reliable and an amazing listener.When the mannequin gets stolen in a senior prank, Courtney finds herself in a midnight pursuit along beach boulevards, trying to save more than the mannequin, but the job she’s come to love. After turning to the unlikeliest of people for help, and finding that surfer boy is as resourceful as he is good-looking, her load begins to lighten. In fact, she soon might find not only what she needs, but what she wants, too.”

My Review:

I’ll be honest, this is one of the weirdest books I have ever read. It was decent, but also pretty creepy.

Courtney is seventeen and using a mannequin in the clothing store she works at as her “starter boyfriend.” He’s supposed to be simple something she can make mistakes on without experiencing heartbreak. Yet, she calls it ‘him’, named it “Tux,” imagines how his breath might smell, how his lips might feel, and what his manly scent might be. (spoiler) She even goes as far as breaking into (she had a key though) the clothing store in order to sit and talk to him. The mannequin effectively distracts from the main point of the story and it was painful. I cringed every time I heard her mention Tux or any time she thought about it. To each their own, but I thought that was a bit weird, Courtney might need counseling.

There was little to no character development with Courtney, besides maybe she stops lying. I don’t understand why she felt the need to lie to everyone though. It was so unnecessary. She goes from pretending that she’s stressed out and feeling sorry to herself to realizing that everything is pretty great in her world. I didn’t see what she learned besides that.

Almost all of the rest of the characters were unfortunately very uninteresting. The antagonist, the love interest, the best friend…all of them except for Courtney’s stepmom. She was so energetic and lively. A little over the top, but she was fun to read about. Did she need more book-time? No. She had enough, but I do think that she should have been seen bonding with Courtney more in the time that she was given.
The book itself wasn’t terrible exciting. It was just a quick read that wasn’t completely boring, but not very intriguing either. It didn’t seem to be going anywhere, just simply stating what was happening in Courtney’s life. Even the conflict seemed rather minor, just a simple spat between high-schoolers that didn’t have much foundation to it. Everything consistently worked out for Courtney, no matter what it was. In the end, she has a wonderful stepmother, a great best friend, a boyfriend, good news about her mother…it was all too much. Courtney’s world is too perfect and that honestly made me want to side with Saffron. What Saffron did was wrong and there’s no excuse for that (plus her execution for her plan was terrible), but I at least see why she was so upset. Overall, this book was a kind of weird, had a decent ending, but it wasn’t memorable.

2 thoughts on “The Starter Boyfriend by Tina Ferraro

  1. Kate says:

    Interesting review! I always enjoy reading your thoughts on books. It really helps me weed through the freebies to the one’s I actually want to read.

    Also, that mannequin? *shivers*

    Liked by 1 person

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