The Legacy of the Key (Ancient Guardians series) by S.L. Morgan

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Official Rating: 2.5/5


“Discover today a new dimension that will remove you from reality as you know it. Welcome to the new book series: Ancient Guardians. Book One, The Legacy of the Key, promises to give you a fun, new, and thrilling reading experience!
No matter where you are, facing your reality with passion and purpose will always lead down the path you were intended to go.
Reece Bryant was able to pick up the pieces of her broken life after the sudden death of her father. Though emotionally draining, she found the courage to move on, which would have made her father proud.
After finalizing the last of his estate, and returning to pursue her degree in medical school, she has never felt so confident. While making her way through this world on her own, she is
suddenly confronted with the truth of her existence, and the reality of her future.
It is when she encounters two alluring and mysterious men, that a series of extraordinary events takes place, putting Reece’s life in grave danger. With her life in the balance, Reece must blindly trust the two mysterious strangers; and when she does, she is brought into an enchanting world that is beyond her logical comprehension. This captivating land reveals new worlds and new dimensions to which her existence is paramount.
But it is once she falls in love with the stunning Levi Oxley that everything will change, and Reece’s life will be in more danger than ever before. Forced to return to Earth and face a Council of Worlds, Reece discovers there is more to this enchanting dimension than she could
have ever imagined.
At a moment’s notice, even thru the fog of our denial, our journey can become
crystal clear. And within the revelation, once our fear subsides, we can find contentment and purpose if we focus on the things that matter most.

My Review:

If I have to read the words “grin” (in all tenses) or “my love”, which appeared throughout the book sixty-nine and twenty-three times respectively, I will scream. Just because you’re in love with a woman, doesn’t mean you have to forget her name and call her “my love” constantly and, Morgan, there are other words for “grin.”

The synopsis makes Reece seem like someone who knows how to handle abrupt situations and pull through: “Reece Bryant was able to pick up the pieces of her broken life after the sudden death of her father. Though emotionally draining, she found the courage to move on, which would have made her father proud.” Yet, when you read the book, you get none of this. Reece doesn’t seem distraught and when she goes back to visit her hometown to finish up some paperwork about her father’s death she has a “let’s get this over with” attitude. We’re told that she misses her Dad, but I didn’t see any evidence that make me believe she was (spoiler) except when her “Dad” visited and she started crying for a bit. Even that wasn’t much evidence. Reece isn’t a terrible character, she’s not interesting but I didn’t dislike her. The two main issues I had with her was that she shrugged her shoulders and accepted whatever two men she’s never met and doesn’t know tell her. If two men insisted I get into the car with them and that “all will be explained later,” I would be very uncooperative and the alarm bells would be ringing loudly. I also didn’t appreciate how she went from a seemingly independent woman to “I love you so much that it’s rendering me helpless!!” A Saint Bernard would be in awe of the amount of drool that came out of her mouth.

Levi was “every girl’s dream” multiplied to one-thousand, there was no moderation. He went from “I’m trying really hard to be suave and cool” to “I LOVE YOU!! HOW DID I EVEN PUT MY SOCKS ON BEFORE I MET YOU?!” I don’t think he really got to know Reece (or vice versa), and their relationship seemed based on beauty (which can fade over time so good luck to you guys). There wasn’t much to his character besides his undying love for Reece and that doesn’t make a good hero. Harrison, a side character, had more personality, even though we hardly saw him. The rest of the characters (besides Harrison) weren’t any good either. There was no character building, what you see is what you get, no depth whatsoever.

The plot could have been enjoyable, but the writing just didn’t pull through. It was boring, a little too descriptive, and the dialogue was strangely detached. I realize that they’re supposed to be “super-humans” of some sort, but did they have to maintain a cool tone at all times? They sounded like overly formal robots that were able to show a tiny bit of genuine love, making their actions of love seem formal and forced. And there are stale potato chips more threatening than the villains in The Legacy of the Key. If I’m being honest, it’s an insult to actual villains to even call them villains. There was a brief motorcycle/car chase and I had no idea what was going on besides Levi and Reece were being chased. I didn’t know who was chasing them except a vague idea that it was “the bad guys,” what I learned the most about the chase was that Reece’s stomach flip-flopped a lot. The final stand-off between the good guys and the bad guys was a pitiful and boring way to end conflict. At the very least, I didn’t have to suffer through a love triangle.

3 thoughts on “The Legacy of the Key (Ancient Guardians series) by S.L. Morgan

  1. ancientguardians2012 says:

    I came across your review on Goodreads and even though this book was not to your liking, I want to thank you for taking the time to read and review The Legacy of the Key!
    I wish you all the best and success with your blog, writing short stories and many happy reading adventures!
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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