Summer Unplugged by Amy Sparling



Price: Free!

Official Rating: 2/5


“Bayleigh is addicted to her cell phone and her mom has had enough. After catching her sending a less than lady-like photo to a boy who barely knows her, Bayleigh’s mom sends her away to her grandparent’s house for the summer–sans cell phone, laptop and Ipod. Bayleigh thinks the summer will be torture without social media…that is until she meets the boy next door.”

My review:

I had high hopes that this would be a cute romance book about a girl who gets sent to her grandparents and finds love. However, the book took a different turn.

Bayleigh is an immature teenager, and this book is a perfect example of a teenager way too attached to technology, an unhealthy relationship, and poor common sense. I cringed at the way that Bayleigh responded to certain situations and decisions, but I understand that her responses were realistic. (spoiler) A few examples were Bayleigh giving into the peer pressure to send her boyfriend a photo of herself in her bra, Bayleigh feeling betrayed and angry that she is grounded to her grandparents’ home placed “in the middle of nowhere”, and Bayleigh’s (a bit desperate) interest in the hot guy that lives next door to her.

I didn’t enjoy the book until a while after I finished it and I realized what might have been the purpose of this book. Although, I wish that Bayleigh had connected with her grandparents. I would have liked to see her attitude change from “boy-crazed” to “enjoying the simple things in life”. Speaking as someone who has lost both of her grandfathers, I would have enjoyed the book more if Bayleigh had had gradual character development that not only helped her realize her self-worth, but to also realize that the precious time she has with her grandparents (and other family members) is just that, precious. I feel like while she did realize her self-worth, she missed the whole point of being grounded. She still managed to spend time with a boy, (spoiler) and I doubt her Mom would have appreciated finding out that she got drunk with him after a few days of knowing him, and didn’t really learn anything from being sent to her grandparents. Instead, she’s hung up on the fact that Jace won’t be with her once she goes back home  (spoiler) which turns out to be resolved when he ends up living thirty minutes away from. Sent from home because she was being inappropriate with her boyfriend and disrespectful, comes home with a new one, albeit, a seemingly better one.

Would I recommend it? Possibly. I would recommend it as a book for people to read to raise awareness on how peer pressure works and realizing how much you’re worth despite what someone you feel is close to you is saying or doing to try to convince you of otherwise.

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