Sworn to Raise (Courtlight series) by Terah Edun



Price: Free!

Official Rating: 5/5


“Seventeen-year-old Ciardis has grown up in poverty, a cleaner in a small vale on the outskirts of the empire. But beneath her empire’s seemingly idyllic surface lies a hidden secret. Whispers of an inept crown Prince are growing ever louder—intensified by the five year anniversary of the soulbond initiations.

Amidst scandalous whispers, Ciardis finds herself chosen to train for the Companion’s Guild. She leaves her home and sets off on a personal journey to become a Court Companion. A position she’d never thought possible for a lowly servant to obtain, she must prove that she has the skills to attract a Patron.

But she must master those skills quickly. If the legends are true, only Ciardis can harness the power to raise a Prince in an Imperial Court sworn to bring him down.

This sensational series debut melds intricate storylines with remarkable characters and unforgettable magic. Sworn To Raise is ideal for fans of Kristin Cashore, Michelle Sagara, and Maria Snyder.”

My review

This book is one of the very few where I am interested in continuing the series. I was captured because of the blurb/summary and because of the cover photo. The characters all have depth and I feel like I’m truly there in the story because of how it was written, I love the mix of magic, betrayal, mystery, murder, and friendship throughout the book, there is no insta-love, the love interest doesn’t follow her blindly because “he’s in love with her”, the heroine is truly a heroine, and, surprise! *gets megaphone* THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: THERE WAS NO LOVE TRIANGLE.

There was a hint of love towards to end of the book (a little bit after the middle in my opinion), but otherwise it was romance free. It’s six books long, so it might not hold my interest for that amount of time, but we’ll see.

Because I liked this book and recommend it, I won’t reveal any spoilers, just in case you take my advice and read the book. It was a delightful read, took quite a while to read it, but it didn’t feel like a long time which I appreciated. It was an adventure with magic and mages, usually not the kind of thing that I read, but I had already started and didn’t want to leave. The heroine, Ciadrus, is charming and while she would curse every now and then, when it didn’t feel necessary, she was still a great heroine in my opinion.

Update: I finished the first three books of the series (there are six books, it had my attention, but not that much) and it was pretty good. Still had unnecessary curse words though which was disappointing. There is romance, still no love triangle (YAY!), but it’s a nice subtle romance. It’s obvious that it’s there, but it wasn’t overpowering which I appreciated.

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